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Our Concrete Acid Stain Kits

Buy our reactive Acid Stain Do-It-Yourself Kit that are designed for home owners and first time users. The kit is intended to provide the customer with the basic materials necessary while giving the confidence needed to complete an acid stain project. Each DIY Kit contains EnduraColor Reactive Concrete Stain, Cleaner/Degreaser, Neutralizer, Concrete Sealer and complete set of acid staining instructions. In some cases, Coatings Stripper or Surface Conditioner may be necessary to stain the surface properly. The coverage accomplished when you buy acid stain DIY kit, will vary depending on the porosity, texture of surface, application technique, age of concrete, matrix of concrete, number of applications and various other factors. You will have to choose the color of stain and the size (coverage) of the kit.

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Your concrete no longer has to be plain, gray and boring with concrete stains!

Hello and welcome to EnduraCoat.net! We are a manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the decorative concrete industry. We specialize in manufacturing products for the beautification & restoration of concrete. Being a manufacturer allows us to give you the absolute best prices available in the decorative concrete industry. Our goal is to provide you with not only the best prices on the market, but also the best customer service. We want you to be confident knowing that we are experienced professionals providing you with high quality products & technical support. When you buy acid stain kits, we will provide you with the information necessary for you to make an informed decision about your project.

If you are considering a decorative concrete design for your project, you’ve come to the right place. Decorative concrete is everywhere in today’s world – in homes, at work, where we shop and in our entertainment venues. You see it everywhere because it is beautiful, versatile & easy to maintain, making it the most economical decision for many applications.

Mild Acid Stains are the hot new trend for concrete floors, concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, walls, counter-tops, statuary garden art and so much more. From new homes with colorful concrete driveways to budgeted one-room remodels showcasing a stunning, acid stained concrete floor, these attractions are growing fast when it comes to using concrete for decorating. Concrete is no longer plain, gray and boring, it is now thought of as a beautiful decorative element. When you put an acid stained concrete floor indoors, it becomes the focal point of the room, transforming the look completely. Today's homeowners, builders, and designers recognize the value in using concrete in their designs and plans. Decorative concrete lets you decide which shade of red will give you that brick border look on your pool-deck at half the cost, and what personal mementos you'd like to embed in your new concrete counter-top kitchen island. When you buy Acid Stain kits, they transforms traditional gray concrete into warm earth-tone floors, expensive slate-like patios and weather-resistant outdoor kitchen counter-tops, to name a few.